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I see supervision as a shared responsibility and a collaborative activity. I respect the theoretical orientation in which you work.

As your supervisor my primary responsibility is to ensure your client’s safety. However, I envisage my care for you and my responsibility to you, as my supervisee, following only a ‘hair’s breadth’ behind.

My model of supervision

My supervision has four main tasks. Together, we share the responsibility of your:

  • work with clients who may be challenging or in distress in a counselling process which can, at times, be confusing.
  • skill, knowledge and understanding development
  • maintaining your well-being through supporting you to express your feelings such as lament or frustration, to ‘let off steam’, laugh and to speak the unspeakable or the outrageous
  • practising safely and ethically

My model of supervision focuses equally on

  • our supervisory relationship (what is happening between us, ensuring our continuous working alliance)
  • and our supervisory task (your ‘what I want from supervision’ contract with me)

and focuses on three levels:

1. the story of your work with your client and how you are responding to it

2. what is happening between you and me in the here and now as a result of discussing your client

3. the social context in which your counselling is taking place (discussing organisational, cultural, political influences)


I have been a supervisor for ten years. I began as a supervisor for a group of counsellors working for a Womens Refuge.

More recently I have supervised counsellors working within a statutory agency who counsel young people.

I supervise trainees in a course setting and have a private supervisionpractice. I have a MSc in Counselling Training and Supervision ( University of Bristol 2005).


I charge

  • £49.50 for 45 minutes
  • £65.00 for 60 minutes
  • £82.50 for 75 minutes
BACP Accreditations

Telephone: 01736 850 972
Email: [email protected]

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