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What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a deeper process which happens over a longer term and addresses patterns developed in the past, often set early in life.

I offer Relational Transactional Analysis psychotherapy.

I work at relational depth to help people with long-standing difficulties using Transactional Analysis theory to understand what is happening in the relationship and to guide my interventions.

You may have heard the expressions ‘games people play’ or ‘I’m OK, you’re OK’ or of the ‘Parent, Adult Child’ model.

These are the most widely known TA concepts.

In this model, difficulties in the present are seen to result from decisions made in the past to cope with difficult experiences.

These coping strategies are no longer helpful in the ‘here-and-now’ and new decisions need to be made which will be more supportive in the ‘here-and-now’.

You may like to read Counselling for Toads (1997), by Robert de Board, New York, Routledge or TA Today (1994), Ian Stewart and Vann Joines, Nottingham, Lifespace Publishing

Working Contract

Therapeutic process: I carry out an initial assessment interview to see if we both feel we can work together. We then agree on a specific number of sessions. At the end of this we jointly assess our progress and decide whether further sessions will be helpful. If we cannot work together wherever possible I will assist you by providing alternative contacts.

Sessions: Are weekly at a regular time; they last for fifty minutes (or 1¼ hours for couples). If you are late arriving for a session we will terminate at the usual time to allow me to fulfil my other appointments for the day.

Contact: I have a telephone answering machine. If I need to contact you, I just leave my name and number. If this is not acceptable please let me know.

Confidentiality: I treat all information disclosed to me by you as confidential. However, if I believe that you are in danger of harming yourself or others, or that a child is at risk, I reserve the right to inform outside agencies but would not do, wherever possible, without discussing this with you first. If you disclose information about certain criminal or terrorist offences I have a professional obligation to tell outside agencies without informing you first.

BACP Accreditations

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