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Anger Counselling

Anger is the most misunderstood emotion, in my opinion, and because of this, people find it difficult to accept in themselves or to express in a way that is helpful. As a consequence anger can cause much pain in relationships.

Feeling anger is an important piece of intelligence.It signals the presence of a variety of issues for example, that I have a need that isn’t being met, someone is overstepping the mark (my boundaries), attempting to manipulate me…etc. Anger is a positive and necessary emotion which, when acknowledged, harnessed and appropriately expressed is our ultimate protection and ensures equality in relationships.

I work with people in two ways. On the one hand to support theirmanagement of anger and rage and on the other, an increasingly common problem, to support them to safely connect with and express suppressed anger and rage. Clients learn to differentiate between ‘here-and-now’ anger and ‘there-and-then (old) resentments.

Clients are referred to me by statutory and voluntary agencies and I welcome private clients who refer themselves.

Empathic Anger Management

For more information on anger counselling, please visit my dedicated website Empathic Anger Management below.

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